2009 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Features

Four-Cylinder, DOHC 998cc Engine
- Very compact, narrow and lightweight design
- One-piece upper crankcase and cylinder casting saves weight and offers increased rigidity
- Oil is routed through channels milled into the cases on various parts of the engine, eliminating oil lines and saving weight
- Stacked triangular layout of crank axis, input shaft and output shaft reduces engine length and lowers the center of gravity
- Lightweight crankshaft maintains the same inertial moment as heavier design but saves about two pounds
- Low friction oil pump reduction ratio
- Water pump uses the same type impeller as the ZX-14 with pump rpm optimized for less friction
- Lightweight Denso radiator with tightly packed cores
- Specially designed internal fins on the liquid-cooled, aluminum oil cooler for highefficiency heat dissipation

Cylinder head
- Intake ports, exhaust ports and combustion chambers designed for optimum flow efficiency and top-end power
- Exhaust ports are narrower at the midpoint and larger at the opening to promote higher exhaust velocity
- 24.5mm diameter exhaust valves
- Lift profiles of the cam lobes are designed to deliver more power at high rpm and make it easier to tune the engine for racing

Fuel Injection
- Secondary fuel injectors improve top-end power output and power characteristics
- Oval cross-sectioned throttle bodies allow more precise throttle control and response
- Compact flat-type fuel pump takes up less fuel tank space

Air intake
- Ram air intake duct shaped for lower intake noise and higher intake efficiency
- Larger airbox offers accessibility and ease of maintenance

KIMS Ignition

- Kawasaki Ignition Management System (KIMS) helps curtail sudden spikes in engine speed, enhancing the rider’s control of power delivery
- Designed not to interfere with the rider’s inputs, the complex ECU program remains passive, unless the change in engine speed exceeds the predicted response for the given parameters, the KIMS will not engage
- Monitors engine speed, throttle position, vehicle speed, gear position, FI input data (feedback from intake air temperature, intake air pressure, engine temperature and O2 sensors), and rate of RPM change, then adjusts ignition timing to help regulate power delivery
- Only possible to adjust the parameters with an accessory racing (circuit-use only) kit installed

Exhaust system

- Features a pre-chamber under the engine to reduce exhaust noise, and minimize silencer volume
- Palladium catalyzer helps the ZX-10R to meet strict Euro-III exhaust emissions standards
- Single orthogonal, titanium silencer, along with the pre-chamber, lowers the bike’s center of gravity and improves exhaust efficiency

Six-Speed Transmission

- Gear ratios suit the power characteristics for ideal power delivery in the low and high-rpm ranges
- Final reduction ratio of 17/41 intensifies the acceleration
- Features an adjustable back-torque limiting clutch


- Unique twin-spar frame features an optimized stiffness balance through a mixture of materials, shapes and thicknesses, which alleviate critical stress concentrations
- Ribbing on the interior of the pivot plate where it joins the frame’s upper cross member slightly slows down the frame feedback for a more accurate feel
- Swingarm pivot located to aid with the front-rear weight balance
- Lightweight, two-piece, aluminum die-cast sub-frame is mounted to the frame’s upper cross member, so rear suspension feedback is transmitted more directly to the rider
- Narrow sub-frame layout contributes to the compact and slim rear of the bike


- Pressed beam swingarm delivers a level of feel and feedback unobtainable with a cast swingarm
- Swingarm features a top-mounted brace that contributes to the superb high-speed stability of the chassis


- DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) fork tube coating on the fully adjustable 43mm inverted fork improves fork action with less friction, smoother action and better road holding
- Bottom mounted springs completely submerged in oil for reduced frothing and improved damping performance, fork action and road-following ability
- Fully adjustable shock features dual (low- and high-speed) compression damping, providing the fine-tuning needed for racing

Race-quality steering damper
- Adjustable Öhlins steering damper with relief valve and twin-tube design, developed specifically for the Ninja ZX-10R is fitted as standard equipment to ensure stable damping performance even under racing conditions


- Tokico radial mount brake calipers fitted with dual pads for superb initial bite, increased control and a progressive feel
- 5.5mm thick 310mm petal discs provide the heat dispersion needed to maintain brake feel and responsiveness during extended periods of heavy use
- 220mm rear petal disc is gripped by a single-piston caliper


- Squeeze-cast wheels offer more precise dimensions with less wall thickness and weight yet are stiffer than the gravity-cast units


- Rear frame, tank and seat offer high levels of contact with the bike and provide the rider very accurate feedback regarding chassis performance and road surface
- Flared fuel tank top makes it easier for riders to rest the inside of their arm on the tank when leaning into a turn
- Narrow in the front and shorter, front to back, for a slimmer riding position, the seat offers a shorter reach to the pavement and excellent feedback from the chassis
- A special rib on the end of throttle tube, under the rubber, improves grip and feel

Aerodynamic Bodywork

- Top of the front cowl has a slight step at the front to reduce wind blast on the rider’s shoulders and generate a laminar flow around the rider’s helmet for less turbulence at higher speeds
- Front fender aids cooling efficiency by directing air toward the radiator
- Recess on the top of the fuel tank accommodates the helmet’s chin, so it’s easier to tuck in behind the windscreen
- High mounting position of mirrors, with integrated turn signals, provides excellent rearward visibility and helps to minimize damage if the bike falls over
- Flush-surface of the tail’s underside reduces turbulence at the rear of the bike and ensures laminar airflow around the seat
- Larger rear inner fender keeps the bike cleaner and allows the mud flap to be smaller and less obtrusive, further improving aerodynamic qualities around the rear of the machine
- The mirrors, license plate holder and rear turn signals are easily removable for track day prep
- LED tail light makes the bike more visible to drivers and provides the final styling flourish to the evocative Ninja design

Advanced Electronic Instrumentation

- Instrument cluster uses UV-blocking glass, so the LED displays are brighter and easier to read
- Multifunction odometer, tripmeter, clock and lap timer/stopwatch

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