2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Key Features
Key Features
– Incredible power-weight
– Race Performance-Oriented
– Track-Tuned Handling
– Aerodynamics aggressive style

998cc four-cylinder, DOHC engine
– Very compact, light and narrow design
– The upper part of the casing and a cylinder are a casting, which is more than two pounds lighter than using a cylinder and provide more rigidity. A casting process tilted alternately during the casting to eliminate defects and excess material molding
– Channels in the case of road surfaces mounting oil to various parts of the engine, thereby eliminating oil and economic weight
– Crank axis, tree and the output shaft to create a layout stacked triangular which reduces the length of the engine and lowers the center of gravity
– Close engine design provides excellent ground clearance of 52 degrees angle weld
– Tour (no cam-platform) gas block gas provides low resistance and combines with revised ECU mapping to provide linear power characteristics of transition when the cyclist is back on gas from a tower. Ultra-fine atomizing them with a blast fuel injectors aid combustion efficiency and power output
– Lightweight Denso radiator has tightly packed cores for optimal cooling
– A high performance, liquid-cooled oil cooler specially designed aluminum uses internal fins to dissipate heat and cool oil

Four-valve cylinder head
– Compact-valve cylinder head height reduced
– Acquisition of ports and passages coolant developed using an analysis of the effective flow of filling bottles and more power and maximum efficiency cooling
– Camshafts are carved of chromoly counterfeit banknote, which is more than a half-pound lighter than cast cams. The cams and pushers are treated with nitriding fresh to avoid capture and exasperating with aggressiveness, profiles High Lift
– For a valve spring oval sections are lighter and less to reduce overall breech arrivals
– Fritté forged aluminum spring restraint are half the weight of steel restraint and allow more rpm

Forged Pistons
– Pistons forged are lighter, stronger and more resistant to heat than versions cast. Flat-top compact design corresponds to the combustion chamber and improves the combustion efficiency

Ram Air induction
– Central ram air duct produced a straighter path to the AirBox for maximum efficiency and admission provides the mounting surface for the dashboard, eliminating brackets and weight
– Flow analysis used to design effective conduits to the AirBox also prevent water from reaching the air filter
– Compact AirBox and air cleaner are very effective and contribute to the driving position compact

TCBI digital ignition advance
– At high speed 32-bit ECU processor provides precise engine management
– Spark plug mounted ignition coils are compact and help reduce weight

Titanium exhaust with butterfly valve
– All-titanium system provides the ultimate lightweight exhaust
– Butterfly valve, located before the exhaust divides the mufflers, is controlled by rpm, position and position of the process of improving low-end response and facilitate the total power. Optimum tuning exhaust is reached at all engine speeds to prevent Blowback which can occur at high speed duplication of valves

Six-speed transmission
– The grooves on the shafts are a common ground for a barrel, the gearbox slide smoothly for a better shift action
– Close transmission rate increases circuit performance
– A look back torque limiting clutch-disengage automatically under the clutch and braking deceleration to prevent rear wheel hop during corner entry. Optional springs, spring and maintenance of holds are available to refine the clutch for specific conditions

Double spar aluminum frame backbone
– A combination of pressure cast aluminum and components are welded to form the double-stringer base frame. By combining distribution and pressure pieces frame weight is kept to a minimum while offering high strength and stability with handling
– Twin-stringer basic design provides for the 600cc class width
– Moulded, a piece subframe is strong and light
– CHASSIS optimal center of gravity to facilitate the deployment of reply, which is particularly important when riding through a series of Esses or return to the vertical as a rider exits corner

Uni-Trak ® Rear Suspension
– Short, compact frame swingarm allows to be longer, which makes it easier to control rear wheel powerslides
– Shock rear is fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping. Ride height can be adjusted by adding / removing shims 1 mm option in the upper shock mount
– Equipped with high-source that allows the rear wheel to better monitor the surface of the road when the back is due to the light of braking
– Small piggyback shock reservoir is designed to save weight

43mm inverted front fork cartridge
– Inverted Kayaba 43mm cartridge fork provides exceptional rigidity
– Equipped with high-sources that allow the front wheel to better monitor the road surface when the front is light due to a sharp acceleration
– Stiff appropriate parameters for track use
– Everything is adjustable for preload, compression and rebound damping

Aluminum Wheels
– Six wheel spokes cast aluminum are almost as light as race wheels. The six-rays requires much less material between the rays so that the rim thickness is thinner and lighter

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